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Re: APPEAL to steering committee: [Bug target/23605] memset() Optimization on x86-32 bit

On Aug 28, 2005, at 3:48 PM, Kevin McBride wrote:
Please take notice that I am appealing my bug (number 23605) to the
steering committee of GCC on the basis that it is a legimate
bug/enhancement in need of a through research.

Ok, so go research it, collect data, and then report your findings back. For example, benchmark an entire linux distro with your patch in and out, and tell us what the performance is, go measure spec, tell us what the performance is, benchmark CSiBE...

I am hoping that the steering committee will order a through research

You have been so ordered, let us know how it goes. :-)

on the bug.

Another approach would be to take definitive measurements, for example, at -Os if one way is 30 bytes and the current approach gcc takes is 31 bytes, then that is a `bug'.

If you can show that a testcase takes fewer clock cycles and is smaller than the current codegen, file _that_ bug, include the numbers of ticks for each, give details, a vague, I wonder if this is better, isn't going to be as persuasive as hard numbers.

Failing all that you can appeal by hiring someone that will do the research, and report back their findings.

I hope this helps.

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