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Re: 4.2 Project: "@file" support

DJ Delorie wrote:

It sounds like you're interested in MinGW.

Yes. I'm particularly interested in the case of applications not built with GCC invoking GCC. I can't control the invoker; only the invokee.

> If you really wanted > help MinGW users, you'd fix MinGW so that it supported these the same
way that DJGPP and Cygwin do, for *all* MinGW applications, not just
gcc.  I'd have to have to manually add this function call to each of
the programs in binutils, gdb, sid, fileutils, coreutils, make, etc.
That sounds like the wrong way to solve an OS problem.

I'm not sure how I can "fix MinGW"; see above. Also, if a MinGW application wants to invoke some other Windows program, the behavior should be the same as if I compiled that application with Visual C, or Intel's C compiler, or whatever; if we were using magic to pass command-line arguments, we'd be breaking things.

We have the same OS problem in almost every UNIX, to one degree or another. Older UNIX variants certainly had this problem in spades. But it's not a big deal to me if people don't want this for systems other than MinGW, but I think we need it for MinGW.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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