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Question of pipeline description

I'm porting GCC 4.0.2 to a new VLIW architecture.
There are 10 functions units (2 RISCs and 8 DSPs) in the architecture.
The pipeline stages are: IS, ID(fetch operand), E1(ALU), E2, E3, E4(write back to register)
For the circuit area reason, the pipeline forwarding mechanism is not available across two different function units.

For example, the two instructions can use pipeline forwarding in order to reduce the stall cycles:
   add    .r0    r2, r3, r4    @ the result is generated at the E1 stage
   nop    .r0                      @ stall 1 cycle
   add    .r0    r5, r6, r2    @ E1 can forward to ID because the two instructions use the same function unit

The two instructions cannot use the pipeline forwarding because they used difference function units
(.r0 means that the instruction uses RISC0, and .r1 means that the instruction uses RISC1):
   add    .r0    r2, r3, r4    @ write back to register at the E4 stage
   nop    .r0                      @ stall 1 cycle
   nop    .r0                      @ stall 1 cycle
   nop    .r0                      @ stall 1 cycle
   add    .r1    r5, r6, r2    @ no forwarding mechanism between two different function units

The pipeline description can write the following definition trivially:
(define_query_cpu_unit "r0, r1, d0, d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7")

(define_insn_reservation "risc_data_processing" 4
   (and (eq_attr "type" "dp")
           (eq_attr "fu" "risc"))
   "(r0 | r1)")

I set the lantency time to 4 for general cases (without pipeline forwarding).
And then I set a bypass rule for the pipeline forwading case:
(define_bypass 1
   "risc_data_processing" "risc_data_processing, risc_load_word, ...")

It's only correct if the two RISC insns reserved the same RISC function unit.
If the two insns reserved RISC0 and RISC1 respectively, the bypass rule is not suitable.
I know that we can use the "guard function" in the (define_bypass ...), but it seems to no help for the situation.
The "guard function" cannot know what function units the two insns reserved.

Are there any other solutions for the situation?
Thanks a lot.

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