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Re: Keyword _Imaginary in C99 standard and in GCC

On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, Yao qi wrote:

> Hi, everyone,
> I have looked through C99 standard, in 6.4.1 Keywords,  "_Imaginary" is
> mentioned as a keyword in this standard.  However, it seems that GCC can not
> recognize it,  report error: '_Imaginary' undeclared.  I also search it in GCC
> info, there is no spot mentioned that.  Maybe GCC does not include it as a
> keyword, I am not sure about that, am I missing something?  Maybe someone of
> you could clarify for me.  Thanks in advance.

What use do you have for a keyword which is reserved but cannot be used 
anywhere?  As of TC2, _Imaginary is just that; it is not a type specifier, 
and an implementation implementing Annex G (which is not normative) is 
incompatible with the normative parts of the standard (at least as regards 
the header definition of "I" having conflicting definitions in the 
standard and in Annex G).  There are serious doubts (as discussed on the 
WG14 reflector in the past) about the utility of imaginary types as 
defined in Annex G.

Now, adding _Imaginary as a keyword which is not permitted anywhere in the 
syntax (so you get parse errors and can't e.g. declare variables called 
_Imaginary) would be a trivial patch, but not clearly a very useful one.

Joseph S. Myers

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