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Re: Lost gccbug submission

Daniel Berlin writes:

> Fixed.

Indeed: a new resubmission just worked, thanks.

> Perl syntax is weird enough that when people update it, they sometimes
> add compile errors by accident, so the script doesn't even run enough to
> be able to issue an error message :(.

True enough: perl can easily be a write-only language ;-)

> > That would be nice (although perl instead of python would be a tad more
> > convenient since it is probably more widespread, especially on non-Linux
> > OSes, but a python script is certainly much better than having to go
> > through a web browser). 
> The problem is that perl is much harder for me to maintain.

Ok, so given that the number of email submitters is small, it's certainly
much better to use python than having no email submission channel anymore.

> >  Especially important is that the script uses
> > whatever editor I prefer to compose the actual message.
> Fine, but the tagging will probably be very different than what gnats
> uses.
> It will be something much more xml like, such as
> <summary> summary text </summary>

No problem here: since many people are used to xml, this should be ok (and
is certainly easier to parse).

> I understand, but you need to realize I'm trying to provide you this
> with a maintenance burden that is at or below the level of use.
> Right now, the biggest time sink in maintaining and improving the
> Bugzilla code *is* the email handling scripts.  Not the comment
> appender, which is rather small and simple, but in particular, the gnats
> email parser, and to a lesser extent, the query/update interface. 
> However, the number of people using these things has been very steadily
> declining, to the point where there appear to now be only three regular
> users of the gnats email interface, including you.
> It's very hard for me to justify the time i end up spending updating
> that gnats interface when new bugzilla versions come along (these are
> the ones that live on my machine until they get moved into production.
> I didn't put any development version of 2.19 into production, though it
> was living on my machine.  I plan on putting the next stable series,
> 2.20, into production).

Ok, I understand.  Since adding comments already works fine, if you can
provide a way for initial bug submission via email, I'm perfectly happy.
Querying by web is ok for me.

Thanks alot for all the effort you put into the whole infrastructure.


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