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Re: [patch] Fix i386-mingw32 build failure

Christopher Faylor wrote:

Aren't the pex* functions designed to provide a uniform interface where
"uniform" means "like unix"?

I guess I'm not the right person to answer that...

I think they are designed to provide a uniform interface to process creation, etc. that is a lowest-common-denominator across systems. Running scripts seems to me outside of scope. I certainly think that this is a topic on which people could reasonably disagree.

Part of my concern is that we seem to be adding to the complexity of our already baroque build process, in lieu of just attacking the problem head-on. Even a new driver option for additional directories to search seems better to me.

However, by the time I write this, I see that DJ -- who is a right person to answer to talk about the purpose of libiberty -- thinks #! is a good idea. So, consider me the loyal opposition; let's get on with the fix you and DJ like. :-)

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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