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Re: please update the gcj main page

--- Bryce McKinlay <> wrote:

> Ranjit Mathew wrote:
> >As for your suggestion, I believe the correct place would
> >be "2.8 What features of the Java language are/aren't supported?"
> >in the FAQ:
> >
> >
> >
> >in addition to the front-page (if so desired).
> >  
> >
> The FAQ is badly in need of an update - in fact, it should be moved over 
> to the Wiki ( in order to be easier to 
> update and maintain.

The faq looks great. I'm paranoid though -- with wiki's, I always worry
some random troll is going to pop in and make tiny incorrect changes
just to mess with everyone. IMO, if you needed some special access privileges
to make changes (besides just creating a username and password), that
would be ideal.

Also, the GCJ front page could use a link to the GCJ page of the wiki
(right under or in place of the GCJ FAQ link).

Further, in the column on the left (GCJ homepage), everything below the
"About GCC" should probably be under some sort of GCC heading or graphic
or color-scheme (to show that that stuff is not *specifically* GCJ-related, but
rather, general GCC-related). I tend to end up hitting the GCC-in-general
links on that page when I was looking to click GCJ-specific links.


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