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Re: Problems with collect2 on hpux

"John David Anglin" <> wrote on 06/11/2005 12:39:32

> As far as I'm aware, collect2 doesn't strip linker options.  You can
> see more details about the link process using -Wl,-debug and -Wl,-v.

Nope - you are right - collect2 was a red-herring.

> It's not very nice that the shared library list for
> includes in the GCC build directory.  I believe that the
> HP dynamic loader first looks for it there.  If that doesn't work,
> it strips off the basename of the library and tries the dynamic
> search path.

Yeah, I had to fix that problem first by going into the libstdc++ dir, and
doing a "make clean ; make LDFLAGS=-Wl,+s"

Wouldn't it make sense to do this by default?  Should I submit a patch to
do that?

> The above is an example why executables and shared libraries need
> to be relinked when installed on this target.  The problem with
> is that it isn't a "libtool" library.  As a result,
> libtool doesn't know how to properly generate the dependencies for the
> link used during installation (i.e., generate the correct sequence
> of -L options).

It's not clear to me why relinking is required, if the -Wl,+s flag is used

I took a closer look at my libraries with chatr, and determined that the
problem was a thirdparty lib we were using that wasn't getting compiled
with -Wl,+s - and to make matters worse, was explicitly adding the full
path to libstdc++ on the link line - once I resolved those problems the
troubles went away.

Thanks for your help.


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