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Re: Mail. Mail! Mail?

Bernard Leak wrote:

[in reply to why by default an MTA should be installed
in order to be able to send reports in the usual way]

Special system restrictions may make it
impracticable to install the expected tools, but this is really
a red herring.

Installing an MTA, whatever its size may be, has the potential
of introducing more work, more open ports, more firewall building,
more following the associated securitiy advisories absent a firewall or not absent a firewall, more ...

The optimistic (wrt opennes of the network) default installation
settings of GNU/Linux distributions for example do not always
reflect the default installation policy in every network.

But typical mail sending programs can speak SMTP themselves, without
the help of a local MTA. As much as I like to assume that GNUnix
comes with (send)mail, an installation might thus have left them out
for good reasons.

In this case a hint like "c&p the report into a plain text message"
or somesuch might really be helpful. Or a WWW report collector with a
file upload input field?

-- Georg

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