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Build of GCC 4.0.0 successful

I've bootstrap built GCC 4.0.0 on Fedora Core 3.

[wbeebe@rhea ~]$ gcc -v
Using built-in specs.
Target: athlon-fedora-linux
Configured with: ../configure --prefix=/opt2/gcc4 --enable-shared
--enable-threads=posix --disable-checking
--with-system-zlib--enable-__cxa_atexit --disable-libunwind-exceptions
--enable-java-awt=gtk --host=athlon-fedora-linux
Thread model: posix
gcc version 4.0.0

I did not run the reqressions, but I did something equally interesting
(or stupid depending on your point of view). I built kernel
and booted back into it.

[wbeebe@rhea ~]$ cat /proc/version
Linux version (wbeebe@rhea) (gcc version 4.0.0) #2 Fri Apr 22
14:12:12 EDT 2005

The kernel source failed to build in one file. I made the following
changes in order to get a module to build.

Changed include/linux/i2c.h:
line 58
extern int i2c_transfer(struct i2c_adapter *adap, struct i2c_msg msg[],int num);
extern int i2c_transfer(struct i2c_adapter *adap, struct i2c_msg *msg,int num);

line 197
int (*master_xfer)(struct i2c_adapter *adap,struct i2c_msg msgs[],
int (*master_xfer)(struct i2c_adapter *adap,struct i2c_msg *msgs,

Once those two changes were made everything built. I did see kernel
build warnings go flying by, but I did not bother with those (yet).
I'm very impressed. I'm looking forward to poking at the C++, f9x, and
java bits.

Thanks a lot guys.

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