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Re: c54x port

Joe Buck wrote:
> Maybe not so cool, unless you are careful.  The problem is that if you
> don't keep track of who submitted what, or if you accept some critical
> code from someone who is either unwilling or unable to legally contribute
> their work to the FSF, it can never be accepted as part of the official
> GCC.
> Please read

Right- I've read this and I'm aware of the situation. I am prepared to 'keep my
ducks in a row'. :)

> You're setting yourself up to build a separate, isolated group of
> developers, rather than working with the GCC experts, if you go off and
> start your own site and your own separate project.  You can do that if
> you want, but it has disadvantages.  

I can't argue that isolation has disadvantages. However, I think there are
arguments for it, as well:
    1. I said in my original post that the rest of development won't affect us.
    What I *should* have said is our work won't affect[1] the rest of development.  
    Until such time that we have enough of a port to generate code, we can't even
    compile GCC, much less start mucking around in internals.

    2. is ..erhm, really noisy. :) I'd rather not stay subscribed to
    it. I could be wrong, but I don't envision a need to talk to the entire
    group of developers very often. Keeping it separate would keep me sane. 

You are free to argue these points, and I ask that you please do so if there are
issues I have overlooked. Otherwise, I will continue as planned.

Thanks for the comments!


[1] It is possible that, at some point, we might find places to tighten up code,
fix bugs, or clean up documentation. However, I would discourage anyone from
making those changes to our independent branch. Instead, they should be made to
the main tree, and we would resync to it afterwards.

Bryan Richter
UCDTT President
UC Davis Undergrad, Physics Dept.
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