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Re: Deprecating min/max extension in C++

Gabriel Dos Reis <> wrote:

>>>> Because the example was just an example. In real code, "3" is probably
>>>> variable of integer type, and "4.0f" is probably a variable of floating
>>>> point type.
>>> Which we have not seen yet, for the purpose of assessing the purpoted
>>> usefulness in real codes.  Arguments are easily made with xyz examples.
>> Are you disputing the usefulness of promotion rules with operators? If
> I'm disputing the extensions <? and >? when we have a standard
> min()and max().

... which do not handle promotions. So you do not consider useful to have a
min/max operator with promotion (so that it would work exactly like any
other operator) just because there is a cheap version without promotion. And
my statement that min() and max() are not exact replacements still stands.

We'll disagree, as happens.

Since there is no exact replacements (especially for the min/max assignment
operators), and the extensions are definitely not so troublesome, I would
like them to stay.
Giovanni Bajo

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