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Re: Question about ObjC++ state

Am Mittwoch, 02.03.05 um 03:52 Uhr schrieb Mike Stump:

On Feb 28, 2005, at 3:41 AM, Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:
I'd like to know what the 'official' position regarding ObjC++ is now.

Anybody willing to clear up?

Sure, why not... Either, someone will submit a clean, safe patch and it will be reviewed and OKed and it will be checked in, or that's won't happen.

Since you seem to be an Apple employee (at least that's what I guess from your mail address) can I asume that this is a political change by Apple in this regard?
Isn't Apple no longer going to move ObjC++ to the trunk by itself and leaves this task to 3rd party volunteers? Has Ziemowit Laski been withdrawn from the project (he seems doing other stuff lately as one can tell from the cvs list). So please tell me/us, if we are on our own now doing the patch or if Ziemowit (or somebody else) will continue Apple's work.

I've added a pool to the wiki pages where you can register your vote. If no patch is submitted, there is little point in considering/contemplating/arguing what would happen. If such a patch were submitted, it would have to go into mainline first anyway, if it proves safe there and people want to propose a version of it for 4.0.x, then I think the RM would have to reevaluate it on its merits and risks and the timing. I don't see the need for the RM to declare at this point what a future decision would be. I suspect that if done well, the RM would entertain allowing it in 4.0.[n+1]; but that is just speculation.

thanks for clearing up.

P.S.: cc'ed to the GNUstep list just for informational purpose

[ assuming that list is still closed, since, you didn't say they opened it ] Will you please stop doing that... It drives us nuts, absolutely nuts. If it is now an open list, never mind...

well this seems to change from time to time ...

greets, Lars

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