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GCC Testsuite Tests Exclude List Contribution to FSF


We are a system software development company focusing on R&D in the
areas of software development tools and application platforms for 
embedded and enterprise applications. We also provide GNU tools related 
services like porting GNU C/C++ compiler toolchain to new processors, 
implementing processor-specific optimizations and we provide annual 
support and maintenance packages for developers and CPU vendors. 

We have used the GCC testsuite extensively to validate the GCC compiler
ported to new targets. Now, we have implemented a way to exclude specific
category of tests from the GCC testsuite for a particular run. This will
be useful for example for testing free-standing version of the toolchain
or for excluding tests which use GCC extensions not supported on a target.
The exclusion of tests is done in a configurable way without modifying the
testsuite. We would like to contribute this to FSF. Please email us who we
should contact to proceed further on this.

Best Regards,

Sankhya Technologies Private Limited
Tel: +91 891 554 2666
Fax: +91 891 554 2665 

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