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RE: C++ -fno-weak with template instantiations

> If you are munging the symbol table, then why on earth aren't 
> you just removing STB_WEAK at the same time?  When you abuse 
> ELF like this, you've got to be prepared to run into its 
> stranger corners; I don't think it's GCC's job to assist with this.
> > Is there anything in the C++ standard or ABI that dictates that 
> > template class instantiations emit weak aliases for 
> methods? I would 
> > seriously doubt that since weak aliases are an ELF only manifest, 
> > aren't they?
> The C++ ABI that GCC follows actually mandates the use of 
> COMDAT.  I doubt that'll make things any easier for you.

Point noted. Thanks for the suggestion to remove STB_WEAK when munging
the symbol table. That will work too.

As a side note, can you point me to the C++ ABI that you are refering


- Bhavesh

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