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Re: PATCH: TR1 unordered associative containers

Subject: PATCH: TR1 unordered associative containers From: Matt Austern <> Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 15:47:03 -0800 To: libstdc++ <>, gcc mailing list <>

libstdc++ <>, gcc mailing list <>

+ template <int dummy>
+ const unsigned long X<dummy>::primes[n_primes + 1] =
+ {
+ 2ul, 3ul, 5ul, 7ul, 11ul, 13ul, 17ul, 19ul, 23ul, 29ul, 31ul,
+ 37ul, 41ul, 43ul, 47ul, 53ul, 59ul, 61ul, 67ul, 71ul, 73ul, 79ul,
+ 83ul, 89ul, 97ul, 103ul, 109ul, 113ul, 127ul, 137ul, 139ul, 149ul,
+ 157ul, 167ul, 179ul, 193ul, 199ul, 211ul, 227ul, 241ul, 257ul,
+ 277ul, 293ul, 313ul, 337ul, 359ul, 383ul, 409ul, 439ul, 467ul,
+ 503ul, 541ul, 577ul, 619ul, 661ul, 709ul, 761ul, 823ul, 887ul,
+ 953ul, 1031ul, 1109ul, 1193ul, 1289ul, 1381ul, 1493ul, 1613ul,
+ 1741ul, 1879ul, 2029ul, 2179ul, 2357ul, 2549ul, 2753ul, 2971ul,
+ 3209ul, 3469ul, 3739ul, 4027ul, 4349ul, 4703ul, 5087ul, 5503ul,
+ 5953ul, 6427ul, 6949ul, 7517ul, 8123ul, 8783ul, 9497ul, 10273ul,
+ 11113ul, 12011ul, 12983ul, 14033ul, 15173ul, 16411ul, 17749ul,
+ 19183ul, 20753ul, 22447ul, 24281ul, 26267ul, 28411ul, 30727ul,
+ 33223ul, 35933ul, 38873ul, 42043ul, 45481ul, 49201ul, 53201ul,
+ 57557ul, 62233ul, 67307ul, 72817ul, 78779ul, 85229ul, 92203ul,
+ 99733ul, 107897ul, 116731ul, 126271ul, 136607ul, 147793ul,
+ 159871ul, 172933ul, 187091ul, 202409ul, 218971ul, 236897ul,
+ 256279ul, 277261ul, 299951ul, 324503ul, 351061ul, 379787ul,
+ 410857ul, 444487ul, 480881ul, 520241ul, 562841ul, 608903ul,
+ 658753ul, 712697ul, 771049ul, 834181ul, 902483ul, 976369ul,
+ 1056323ul, 1142821ul, 1236397ul, 1337629ul, 1447153ul, 1565659ul,
+ 1693859ul, 1832561ul, 1982627ul, 2144977ul, 2320627ul, 2510653ul,
+ 2716249ul, 2938679ul, 3179303ul, 3439651ul, 3721303ul, 4026031ul,
+ 4355707ul, 4712381ul, 5098259ul, 5515729ul, 5967347ul, 6456007ul,
+ 6984629ul, 7556579ul, 8175383ul, 8844859ul, 9569143ul, 10352717ul,
+ 11200489ul, 12117689ul, 13109983ul, 14183539ul, 15345007ul,
+ 16601593ul, 17961079ul, 19431899ul, 21023161ul, 22744717ul,
+ 24607243ul, 26622317ul, 28802401ul, 31160981ul, 33712729ul,
+ 36473443ul, 39460231ul, 42691603ul, 46187573ul, 49969847ul,
+ 54061849ul, 58488943ul, 63278561ul, 68460391ul, 74066549ul,
+ 80131819ul, 86693767ul, 93793069ul, 101473717ul, 109783337ul,
+ 118773397ul, 128499677ul, 139022417ul, 150406843ul, 162723577ul,
+ 176048909ul, 190465427ul, 206062531ul, 222936881ul, 241193053ul,
+ 260944219ul, 282312799ul, 305431229ul, 330442829ul, 357502601ul,
+ 386778277ul, 418451333ul, 452718089ul, 489790921ul, 529899637ul,
+ 573292817ul, 620239453ul, 671030513ul, 725980837ul, 785430967ul,
+ 849749479ul, 919334987ul, 994618837ul, 1076067617ul, 1164186217ul,
+ 1259520799ul, 1362662261ul, 1474249943ul, 1594975441ul,
+ 1725587117ul, 1866894511ul, 2019773507ul, 2185171673ul,
+ 2364114217ul, 2557710269ul, 2767159799ul, 2993761039ul,
+ 3238918481ul, 3504151727ul, 3791104843ul, 4101556399ul,
+ 4294967291ul,
+ 4294967291ul // sentinel so we don't have to test result of lower_bound
+ };

Just checking.

If this is supposed to be a list of SOME primes, no problem.

If it is supposed to be a list of ALL primes up to that size, YES a problem.

The first missing primes are 101 and 107. More and more are missing as we get higher.

R. D. Flowers

Things have long and short names. The long name for the secret of life (I say) is -- insistent truthful choice; the short name (I say) is -- heresy.

You cannot conform and be truthful.

allies ever sought.

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