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Re: [RFC] fold Reorganization Plan

Can a compile-time constant appearing in an initializer be as wild as
the following?

0 ? (foo () + 9) : (3 + 5)

Here (foo () + 9) does not fold to a constant, but the whole
expression does fold to 8.

Well, it depends on the FE's language definition :) For C and C++ the above is not a constant-expression as the language defines it. I can see a couple of obvious ways to deal with this with an FE specific constant expression evaluator, 1) during parsing set a flag if the expression contains something not permitted for a constant-expresssion 2) a lazy folder returns 'error' when it meets something not allowed (and if ?: is allowed, it must go down each of its branches to determine if they have something banned).

Anyhow, a backend strength-reducer would not be so constrained.
(hey, can we start using the terms 'strength reducer' and 'constant
evaluator' to distinguish the two uses that are currently tangled up
inside fold.)

Does that answer your question?

Thanks for your explanation of gimple folding etc, it was most


Nathan Sidwell    ::   ::     CodeSourcery LLC    ::

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