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Re: Details for svn test repository

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 20:25 -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> First of all, I totally approve of moving to Subversion.
> Daniel Berlin wrote:
> >I also plan on excluding merge tags
> It's not safe to exclude the most recent mergepoint tag for
> a live branch.  We will lose necessary information for the next
> merge to that branch.
> You wrote elsewhere:
> >Find the current revision of the apple-ppc-branch using svn info on your
> >checked out copy.
> Right, this gives the revision number for the apple-ppc-branch.
> >From your checked out copy of the apple ppc branch, type:
> >
> >"svn merge -r<current rev that tells you>:HEAD
> >svn:// "
> >
> >That will merge in all the changes from the HEAD since the last time you
> >merged.
> No, it won't.  This compares the status of "trunk" between your branch
> and HEAD.  Is "trunk" on apple-ppc-branch going to contain the
> trunk from the last time apple-ppc-branch was merged from trunk?
> Why *would* it?  (I suppose special procedures used during previous merges
> could have had that effect, but that doesn't apply to converted-from-CVS
> stuff.)
> Obviously, for a brand-new branch, it would contain the branchpoint,
> which is correct.

Yes, i was misthinking.
You are completely correct.
Answering 300 emails means i'm bound to give wrong answers
occasionally :)

I'll keep the last branchpoint of each branch for the initial import

>   For a branch which has had a merge from trunk already,
> it will *not*.  I'm looking at the docs for svn 1.1.3 here.

It's plan for some point (and svk is starting to have a good hnadle on

> (For a new, all-svn branch, there are easier ways of keeping track of that
> revision number, like putting it in the log message for the merge.)

Or using svnmerge, which does the same thing using properties.


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