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Re: Details for svn test repository

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

I think it can be quite helpful when tracking down how code was
developed.  I often find myself tracking back into the old-gcc
repository to figure out when a bug was introduced.

Sure; we maintain GCC back as far as GCC 2.7.2, so we do have to go fishing sometimes.

But, this is mission creep.

All we should be trying to do at this stage is get to a new VCS that is no worse than CVS on the axes we care about. I can't see any fundamental reason that we couldn't go back and add history later, if that's compelling and someone wants to do it. The same goes for file rename information: we're getting by without that now, and we can add it in later if need be.

I think all we should be doing is making sure that the new system is at least as reliable as CVS, easy enough to use, faster for key operations, and provides good infrastructure for getting things like file renaming handled correctly going forward.

Let's not raise the bar higher than it needs to be.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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