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Re: g++4.0 diagnostic on casting a static const member initializer to a double

On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 10:38:22AM -0800, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> >There seems to be a (possibly undocumented) GCC extension involved here.
> Yes, I think that extension is undocumented, but intentional.  (That is 
> of course a bug in the documentation.)  The extension pre-dates my 
> involvement with G++, IIRC.

The diagnostic message was added when fixing c++/14550, but I don't
know if that was what changed the behaviour or if that had always been

> That explains the diagnostic, too: it talks about the intializer 
> because, from a GNU-C++ point-of-view, the data member declaration 
> itself is OK.

Yes. If you compile with -pedantic you get the diagnostic Matt was

*but* this is allowed, even with -pedantic and -pedantic-errors:

  struct S
    static const int scd = 24.2;

$ g++4x -c  -pedantic -pedantic-errors -std=c++98 warning: converting to 'int' from 'double'
A strict reading of the standard says that conversion shouldn't be
allowed, so surely it should be an error with -pedantic-errors ?


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