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Re: forestalling GNU incompatibility - proposal for binary relative dynamic linking

   >    With the same version of gcc, and glibc even - *without* the
   >    patches that SuSE supplies.
   > Then it is SuSE's fault that they apply patches that make things
   > incompatible.  So go blame them instead.

   I'm not 'blaming' anybody, just pointing out observations.

So point it out to the SuSE folks, because it isn't the problem of
glibc or gcc if SuSE applies patches that make things incompatible.

   >    If your argument is that building glibc isn't for the faint of
   >    heart and should be left to the experts, my question is why?
   > Because it is a integral part of the system, it can break your
   > system badly, it can make your system unbootable (due to a broken
   > /lib/ or whatever), etc, etc.

   Well of course, but my point is that's exactly why you should be
   able to run two glibcs simultaneously on the same system.

You can run two glibcs of different versions simultaneously on the
same system, that SuSE happens to break things so that x.y.z-SuSE
doesn't work with programs linked against x.y.z or the other way
around is their fault.


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