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Re: Objective-C bugs and GCC releases

Nicola Pero wrote:
All the information which was passed out is "the Objective-C frontend won't work in GCC 4.0" and as a happy cc1obj user without any issues so far I think it is completely valid to ask for clarification even though I'm not a GCC internals expert.

No such announcement was ever made. What Mark announced was that Objective-C bugs would not be treated as release-critical. What this does is to impose a time limit on getting Objective-C bug fixes into the compiler.

Mark should have put the spotlight on asking for help in fixing the bugs. This is a large mailing list of ObjC users and developers and he could easily get help.

I agree that I could have put a more positive spin on it: "if you will step in help, then we can have great Objective-C in 4.0!" rather than "if nothing happens, we may not have good Objective C in 4.0." However, I did try to encourage people to submit patches at a couple of points.

Instead he chose to put the spotlight on explaining to this same large
mailing list of ObjC zealots why he doesn't care if Objective-C works or not when he makes a release.

That is an overstatement. I've never said I didn't care: only that Objective-C was not release-critical and that I would not hold up the release on account of Objective-C.

I meant exactly what I said.

I really feel about this exactly as I feel about the SH port; I'd really like for it to work, but if it doesn't happen, I'll go forward with the release.


Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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