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Re: PING: gimplifier ICE fix / broken GCC 4.0

On Jan 25, 2005, at 17:18, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> >The FSF does not pay volunteers to fix bugs.  Find a volunteer to fix
> >the bugs if that's what you want to happen - which, in this case, did
> >happen.

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 05:21:36PM +0100, Helge Hess wrote:
> Of course not, but I suppose it can pay non-volunteers to fix bugs and 
> ensure the progress of free software if its important for the mission.

The FSF has no money to do such things, and if there were, Objective-C and
GNUstep would be low priority.  "But it's a GNU project", you say.  Yes,
and there are several hundred other GNU projects.

If you don't like the situation, you will need to contribute labor to make
things better; I'm sure that there are plenty of GCC developers who will
work with you to take the right attitude.  Advocates for ObjC and GNUstep
have on numerous occasions demanded that objections raised by technical
reviewers be overriden, that everyone drop everything and attend to their
problems.  That kind of behavior is counterproductive.

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