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Re: Objective-C bugs and GCC releases

On Jan 25, 2005, at 9:22 AM, Robert Dewar wrote:

Adrian Robert wrote:

Could there be a middle ground to holding
up releases for too long waiting for non-market-majority development
(a practice which led to the splintering of egcs in the past) on one
side and gradually but surely becoming a specialist C/C++ solution
on the other?

I don't see the point here. Holding up the release does not somehow make more resources available for working on Objective-C. If there are people interested in objective-C, let them work on it. If not, I see no basis for holding up the release.

Although it's a volunteer software project, it's also a software project. If broader release criteria are chosen and some of the less popular ones are holding up the release, those who are in a rush to have the release for other features, and have time, might be encouraged to help work on what's holding it up. Whether that means actually writing code, or just being a little more tolerant and/or timely in providing advice and guidance to those who _are_ writing the code, it means getting the job done quicker.

What seems to be the issue now is that the C/C++ crowd has more manpower behind it, but the Objective-C crowd still thinks its language is important (for reasons given by other posters). I just want to question the assumption that the release criteria differentiation made is the only possible compromise.

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