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Re: Objective-C bugs and GCC releases

That's up to the Objective-C maintainers to ensure. As the RM, I will not hold up an otherwise good release because of Objective-C breakage.

That's the thing, far as I understand, and please, correct me if I am wrong, the GNUstep folk, developers, and community are not responsible for this lovely breakage. You're holding GNUstep, a GNU project, hostage to an outside corporation, Apple Computer, who surely has its own agenda and timetable.

Whoa, nobody is holding you hostage.
You are, and continue to be, free to submit patches to objective C, or whatever you like.

If you are, and aren't getting reviews in a timely manner, that is a different issue.

They can control exactly what GCC gets bundled with OS X. We do not have that luxury, as we can't control the version of GCC that gets bundled with every major distribution and BSD derivative. You will effectively be bending us over, and, as mentioned above, holding us hostage for a problem we did not create.

Again, nobody is holding you hostage. You are free to submit patches. What isn't likely to happen however, is for people to randomly start fixing bugs for you, in parts of the compiler they don't have much concern about.

IE nobody is going to fix the objective C frontend for you guys, you'll have to do it yourselves.

some of the blame for their decisions, which have ultimately allowed this mess to occur by appointing certain people to certain places.

I have not seem Zem reject a reasonable patch to fix a bug.
Can you please point me to messages (they should be in the archives) where Zem (or any other person you are talking about, it's hard to tell, so i've assumed you are referring to Zem)

There are technical solutions to every problem, and except for the one person who actually proposed one, none of you folks, who are supposed to be responsible individuals, have done much to try to resolve this issue.

Sure they have.
RTH gave Zem (and anyone else who wanted to get this bug fixed) a path to fixing this the right many moons ago.

It's simply degenerated to internal bickering, and bitching about how loosey-goosey the ObjC type system is, etc etc etc. ad infinitum.

Sorry, we aren't going to let people add random hacks to important places in the compiler, whether it be for C, C++, objective C, or wonderlanguage2000. We just aren't going to paper over problems.

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