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Re: a question about fix-header.c

Bruce Korb wrote:

Bruce Korb wrote:

Kenneth Zadeck wrote:

I would like to modify fix includes so that it adds the attribute
"pointer-no-escape" onto the function definition of free in stdlib.h
(and possibly some other fuctions as well).

I am having trouble figuring out how to do this.

Dan Berlin said that you might be able to point me in the

correct direction.

"correct direction" ?? Maybe I should have remembered the title, instead of reading, "modify fix includes" too literally. "fix-header.c" is a different program that is included in the more-or-less same process as the "fixincl" program that I wrote. For aesthetic reasons, it would be nice to incorporate its functionality into the "fixincl" program. I looked at doing that a few years ago, but determined it was more effort than it was worth (to me). At this point, now that fixincludes is a semi-autonomous installable project, it would be a good thing to do. Not today. Meanwhile, as far as "correct direction" is concerned, I'd have to "read the source, Luke" to try to re-understand what fix-header was doing. Sorry. :(

Regards, Bruce

Sorry for not being more clear. I am trying to do this inside of the framework of building gcc and the include fixing that is part of that. I did not understand that there was a separate project that did this in a similar but distinctly different way from the some living project.


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