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Re: typeof and bitfields

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
Mark Mitchell <> writes:

| Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > Alexandre Oliva <> writes:
| > | On Jan 14, 2005, Gabriel Dos Reis <>
| > wrote:
| > | | > That is an argument for not returning an int. It is not an
| > argument
| > | > for issueing error. Why not return int_with_2bits?
| > | | Let's see...
| | I'm supportive of Joseph's patch.
| | The submitter in PR10333 clearly thought that you should get an
| int_with_2bits type. Matt suggested that you should just get
| "int". Ian suggested "char". I see good arguments for all of the
| choices. So, there are no obvious semantics. Why define an extension
| that the average user has only a 1/3 chance of understanding?

If you take that observation seriously, then you should remove nearly
all extensions plus at least half of standard language semantics.

That's a reduction-to-absurdity argument. The standard language semantics are not up for debate; some people like them, some people don't, but they are what they are. Some of our extensions are clearly documented, and, as such, can be put into a similar category.

This extension was not clearly documented. A user with a reasonable interpretation filed a bug report saying that the compiler was misbehaving, when it chose one of the above alternatives.

| There's only one good reason, and Matt has already given it: backwards
| compatibility.  Fortunately, that compatibility is only with a GNU
| extension used in a pretty obscure way, and there is an easy
| workaround (don't use typeof; use the type of the bitfield instead)
| that will work in most cases.

The advice "don't use typeof" does not make much sense. Indeed,
typeof is mostly used precisely when the type of the operand it not
known, e.g. in macros.

I understand the utility of typeof, but lots of people get by without using typeof at all. I'm not going to believe that removing the ability to apply typeof to a bitfield is going to cause very many problems for very many people. How many bug reports have we gotten so far?

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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