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Re: Query on UTF-32 encodings for letters

On 2005-01-17, at 20:09, Robert Dewar wrote:
It would be interesting to know an example of what you state above.
Certainly people have been using Latin-1 to write Ada in countries
all over the world, and no one has ever found the folding rules
for identifiers to be in any way inconvenient.

You must be joking or you don't speak any other language then english yourself.
Let me assure you that the most common exercise in i18n is to avoid automatic
case dependencies wherever possible. The most common example of the idiocy of case
insensitivity are file system names. This leads for example quickly into situations
where you:

1. Can't provide efficient hashing mechanisms for item lookup.
2. Can't even read the contents on a system with a different locale.
3. Can't change the locale at will.

And believe it or not it is more common in this world to speak multiple languages then to
speak only a single language!

The most common mistake is to think that systems are either Latin-1 or something
else. But in reality the most common case it that you want:

1. Change locale at the fly. (Yes the whole LC_ALL and famliy is literally nearly
2. Use multiple locales at the same time.

Maybe people from aboard the USA are not such whinnies so you don't hear them
frequently complain. But if you are an english only speaker please just don't bother
even thinking about localization. My experience shows that every single localization system
devised by such a person was doing more harm then good. ISO for cyrillic is a nice example
for such a thing. Literally nobody to whom it matters is using it because some illiterate
imbecile managed to provide an 8 bit encoding for this alphabet which is in fact not in
proper order and which isn't even complete.

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