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Re: mail-report-with-warnings.log has 0 bytes

 > > That's unfortunate, in that it implies I'm basically wasting my time
 > > and CPU cycles running tests that are discounted.
 > We should indeed try to figure out what happens on your machine, as
 > there is not exactly an abundant supply of testers on SPARC/Solaris
 > nowadays (we're basically two, Kaveh recently joined the Dark Side :-).

Sigh.. the solaris box I was using isn't available for GCC testing any
more, I'll see if I can get another.  In the mean time... yes I've
given in. :-)

WRT the excess failures, Brad see if this blurb from the solaris2
installation instructions applies to you.  I had a large number of
random testsuite failures with parallel make check until sun provided
the kernel patch for the race condition.  Then it worked like a charm.



Sun bug 4927647 sometimes causes random spurious testsuite failures
related to missing diagnostic output. This bug doesn't affect GCC
itself, rather it is a kernel bug triggered by the expect program
which is used only by the GCC testsuite driver. When the bug causes
the expect program to miss anticipated output, extra testsuite
failures appear. 

There are patches for Solaris 8 (117350-12 or newer for SPARC,
117351-12 or newer for Intel) and Solaris 9 (117171-11 or newer for
SPARC, 117172-11 or newer for Intel) that address this problem. 

Kaveh R. Ghazi

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