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Re: ACATS tests that fail valgrind check

Hi Geert,

> > I plan to enter all these reports into bugzilla, then start analysing 
> > them to
> > see which ones are bogus (it is good to have bogus reports and a note 
> > saying
> > they are bogus in bugzilla, since it will save time if someone else 
> > sees the
> > same valgrind failures).
> It doesn't make sense to open reports for every test that valgrind 
> flags.
> For example, all the tasking tests most likely run into the same 
> valgrind
> manipulation. Please don't open tons of reports for this, it only causes
> much extra work in maintaining the bug database.
> Maybe it makes more sense to open one bug for all valgrind failures
> and then open separate reports for each category of bug that you find to
> be valid in at least some case, listing all tests affected by the bug.

I opened the following bug reports yesterday:

Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value: 19404 (c460010), 19412 (c761007), 19413 (c761010).
Overlapping memcpy: 19410 (c64106a, C95087A) (middle-end bug), 19419 (CXA4009, CXA4020) (front-end bug?)
Invalid read: 19414 (cxb4003), 19415 (c953001)
Uninitialized data passed to syscall: 19416 (cxa9001, cxa9002)

In other words, I opened bug reports for a small sample of the "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised"
failures (since most of them seem to be the same); for the other kinds of errors I opened a bug report for each
example or group of similar looking examples.

All the best,


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