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Re: New logo gone vectorised. (SVG format)

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> The hypothetical new logo should represent the compiler.  It should
> ideally represent what the compiler does, and what it aspires to do,
> albeit perhaps in highly symbolized form.  It should be recognizable,
> look good in several different sizes on computer screens, look good in
> black and white, look good on a T-shirt or a book cover.  It should
> inspire people and give them confidence.  It should feed the hungry
> and create world peace.  It should be only 1K.  That is what I would
> like to see in a logo.

Anyone interested in designing a logo for an open source, community
project should check out what Boost is doing right now.  They are
replacing their old, fairly unrecognizable logo with a new one, and
recently theres been tons of discussion on what the new one should be:

The Boost mailing list archives contain all sorts of very useful
information for anyone interested in creating a successful logo (search
for logo).  Besides some very valuable informations, theres a whole lot
of nonsense, and a whole lot of excellent examples of why most
organizations don't let computer scientists and engineers design logos
in the first place.

Aaron W. LaFramboise

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