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Re: New GCC logotype development. (Was:Re: New GCC logotype version 1.6 (Sorry, I forgot to attach the image).)

Vladius <> writes:

> > One way in which the existing logo succeeds as a logo (a more
> > specialized issue than succeeding as a picture) is that it's line
> > art.  It reproduces nicely on a variety of output devices, including
> > monochrome devices and ones with limited resolution, and it can
> > easily be scaled or adapted to different needs.  If we ever do
> > decide we want to change or modify our existing logo, we need to
> > make sure to preserve those properties.
>     Tech. progress moves forward. I really think, that it is not wise
> to keep in mind consoles and 16 coloured  palettes. Would You like me
> to create low-graphics variants? It is simple. I didn't see current
> logo in any of these roles, by the way.

 Progress moves slowly on t-shirts and paper.  Old wyse terminals are not the
only reasons to limit the number of colours or the complexity of a logo.


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