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Re: New GCC logotype development. (Was:Re: New GCC logotype version1.6 (Sorry, I forgot to attach the image).)

Richard Kenner wrote:

I think it is quite clear to understand. I present a better solution. Something that is better than the current logo is supposed to answear "Why to change the logo". "Because it is better" - is the answear.

Let me try. One way to try to understand what people are asking you
is to answer the question "in what way is it better?". What criteria
are you using to judge the "quality" of the logo?

Well, it appears to be more friendly. Shades are made in an attractive way. Oh, it is so hard. Seems like I just can't express everything in words. Is it possible for artwork to express its sense and mood in formal sentences? It can't be simply arranged among shelves.

You haven't simply taken the existing design and made it "better" in some
objective way, but have made a different design.

That is so hard to explain it. Grownups(statistically-average) are so limited in creation process. They got used to rules and methods and I just don't know how can I desrcibe the idea in those terms.

The purpose of a logo is to assist in the "marketing" of the thing the
logo refers to. You can't design a logo in isolation without understanding
the marketing aspects of the logo.

Yes, I understand that. And I really think it is. Looks glossy and sparkling, isn't it? =) Let's discuss it then.

What you are being asked is to explain in a few sentences your philosophy
of what the logo should repesent and contrast that with the philosophy
represented by the current logo.

GCC's friendly look, as a free compiler. GCC's friendly look, as a creation tool You can learn and use. GCC's friendly look, as an open-source project You can modify and contribute to.

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