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Re: New GCC logotype development. (Was:Re: New GCC logotype version1.6 (Sorry, I forgot to attach the image).)

Matt Austern wrote:

On Jan 11, 2005, at 12:47 PM, Vladius wrote:

One way in which the existing logo succeeds as a logo (a more specialized issue than succeeding as a picture) is that it's line art. It reproduces nicely on a variety of output devices, including monochrome devices and ones with limited resolution, and it can easily be scaled or adapted to different needs. If we ever do decide we want to change or modify our existing logo, we need to make sure to preserve those properties.

Tech. progress moves forward. I really think, that it is not wise to keep in mind consoles and 16 coloured palettes. Would You like me to create low-graphics variants?

No. I would like you to explain in words, not in pictures: what you think the goal of a logo is, why you think the current logo does not meet those goals, and why you think that a different logo will meet those goals better.

It is not professionally made. It looks like a vector package test, but not as a final result. I don't say it is very bad, but it is not good, I'm quite sure.
New logo meets those, I think.

As is, without going through that discussion in advance, I think there is zero change that your pictures will be accepted as a new logo.

I hope You are wrong.

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