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Re: New GCC logotype development. (Was:Re: New GCC logotypeversion1.6 (Sorry, I forgot to attach the image).)

Nick Ing-Simmons wrote:

Vladius <> writes:

Joe Buck wrote:

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 03:50:54PM +0300, Vladius wrote:

Ehhhg, ehhgg... Then I do not want either. Don't understand me wrong, but this is not me who will distribute the picture. Mailing list is for development purposes only.

So you think that this list is appropriate to post every minor edit of
your proposed logo, when no one has asked you to even do a logo?

And a logo is _supposed_ to be stylized - making it more realistic
is less logo-like.

Yes, I can understand that. But I think that the style is not mandatory now, since realistic picture can be converted to particular style more easily than non-realistic to realistic, Agree?

Every image you send is going to thousands of subscribers, so you *are*
distributing the pictures.  That's not efficient.

Please stop posting images to this list.  The resource consumption and
the space in the archives is excessive.  If you refuse to use a web site,
then you'll need some other mechanism.

You should check out my last post - New GCC logo (EGCS) . I've told, that I'll no longer post minor releases.

Don't post any releases at all.


You have to excuse me, since I didn't know wether I can attach pictures or not. I didn't think that 200KB are too much, sorry.

200KB * 1000s of users - some of us pay our own money to read this list perhaps via slow modems.
If (as I have in the past) I was reading this in a hotel room via 9600Baud Mobile-Phone-as-modem 200KB of off-topic would really anoy me.

Excuse me one more time, please =)

Joe, I would like You to see it and say what You think about it. I've added an egg, like You like =)

The egg was a play on anglo pronouncing 'egcs' - so its time may have past now. GCC might need a new logo

Yes, but many people say that they want it to be there.


Take it up with Webmaster of and get them to direct you to the appropriate forum GCC list is not it.

I will do like You say, thank You.

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