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Re: New GCC logotype development. (Was:Re: New GCC logotype version1.6 (Sorry, I forgot to attach the image).)

Joe Buck wrote:

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 10:12:02PM +0300, Vladius wrote:

Joe, I would like You to see it and say what You think about it. I've added an egg, like You like =)

It's a good drawing; perhaps too detailed to be a good logo, but maybe
not. As a painting, your signature is appropriate, but if it were to be
accepted as an official logo (something I'm not in favor of), it would be
wrong for your signature to be larger than the acronym "GCC". And what is
the cross under your name for?

It's just my signature. It will be removed when the final version will take its place. I'm sure it has to be removed. I've allready told everybody that I'm not seeking for fame here and I wouldn't like anyone to place my name as an author when using it. Cross? It is Christian cross I like to place near my name.
I see You like it as a drawing. I really think You should tell me why You don't want to see it as a logo. Don't think that I will ignore Your comments. As You can see I've added an egg there, to underline GCC's history - everything like people wanted =)

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