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Re: Will someone answear me?

Per Bothner wrote:

Vladius wrote:

Excuse me, everybody. I'm not trying to persuade anyone, but will someone from moderators or GCC maintainers answear me?

I suspect most people doesn't really see the need for a new logo.
However, the SC is likely to follow if there is consesnsus on the list.

I do think that a new logo has to take its place =)

I'm trying to redesign GCC logotype, and I don't think it is a good idea to continue, because few people respond and none of "officials" did ("New GCC logotype version 1.6" topic.). It would be very nice of You to clarify, that You don't like it at all or probably have other things to do. That could stop me spending my time "flooding" the mail-list, and drawing. d:-)

My personal comments on:

+ I don't see anything specifically relating to Gcc.

You should check out a newer version. It is titled "GCC".

* It loks very dark, and with poor contrast.

Seems that I completly don't understand You. It looks OK here. I will see what can be made if some more people will post the same issue.

* It doesn't like as "friendly" or "happy" as the currrent logo.

I don't understand either.

* It is more detailed and realistic than the current logo, but
it's not clear if that's an advantage.


* The horns look strange - like a turban.

You should check out real blue gnu look. You can see it on discovery channel site, for example.

I.e. don't think this is very promising.  And I don't have
time or inclination to follow up on this.

Anyway, I have to thank You for Your comments, since that is what I wanted - to see if You like it or not.

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