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Re: Will someone answear me?

 >  > Excuse me, everybody. I'm not trying to persuade anyone, but will
 >  > someone from moderators or GCC maintainers answear me? 
 > I suspect most people doesn't really see the need for a new logo.
 > However, the SC is likely to follow if there is consesnsus on the
 > list.
 >  > I'm trying to redesign GCC logotype, and I don't think it is a good
 >  > idea to continue, because few people respond and none of "officials"
 >  > did ("New GCC logotype version 1.6" topic.). It would be very nice of
 >  > You to clarify, that You don't like it at all or probably have other
 >  > things to do. That could stop me spending my time "flooding" the
 >  > mail-list, and drawing. d:-) 

In addition to Per's comments, you should note the current logo
references the historical rift in the GCC community and its eventual
reunification.  (The GNU popping out of the egg.)  I myself and
perhaps others who went through that period with GCC, feel the logo
commemorates the difficulties we resolved and signifies a rebirth for
the compiler.

So while I respect your attempts at artistic expression, personally I
like the logo just the way it is.

Kaveh R. Ghazi

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