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Re: GCC 4.0 Status Report (2004-01-05)

Giovanni Bajo wrote:

Nonetheless, I would like to bring (again) to your attention the fact that
gfortran regressions (wrt to g77) are not considered in this count. I
understand that a new frontend means that we are going to live with regressions
for quite a while (as you correctly said here:, but I reckon that we should
at least consider the most important problems in the new frontend (wrong-code
and the such). Tobias kindly grouped all the gfortran regressions in a

Our, i.e., the gfortran maintainers', assumption is that GNU/Linux distributors (and other whole-OS distributors who use the GNU compiler/linker/debugger toolchain) will offer access to the g77 binary via some method (e.g., by installing it in /opt/bin and the run-time library in /opt/lib). In that way, people who need g77 because they're bitten by the incompatibilities in gfortran have a way out.

Note that this isn't really different from how other vendors have treated their "proven Fortran 77 compiler" from the new-and-dangerous-Fortran-90 compiler. For some, the Fortran 77 compiler was a separate binary for a *decade*. We don't really have to beat them in this regard ....


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