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Re: GCC 4.0 Status Report (2004-01-05)

Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

> We (well, RTH, and then the rest of us pikers) have now reduced the
> number of open regressions against GCC 4.0 to 151.  Discounting things
> like the MMIX regressions gets that number down to more like 125.
> That's pretty good progress.

Yes, the progress is stunning.

Nonetheless, I would like to bring (again) to your attention the fact that
gfortran regressions (wrt to g77) are not considered in this count. I
understand that a new frontend means that we are going to live with regressions
for quite a while (as you correctly said here:, but I reckon that we should
at least consider the most important problems in the new frontend (wrong-code
and the such). Tobias kindly grouped all the gfortran regressions in a

I think we ought to mark at least the most critical of those regressions as
full-blown 4.0 regressions, so that they get included in the picture of the
status of 4.0. If there is agreement on this, I volunteer for doing the
leg-work and (say) mark all the wrong-code ones as 4.0 regressions.

Giovanni Bajo

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