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Re: Viewing patches in bugzilla just got easier and nicer

Daniel Berlin <> writes:

| > Another useful thing about having the references in the message
| > headers is that they can be displayed nicely., independent of wheter
| > you're oneline clicking on mozilla or offline reading messages with
| > regular mail agents .
| >
| > Why can't bugzilla store the references in the message headers?
| It does.  but you only ever get one reference, because it makes all
| the message ids the same.  This threads them all under the first New:

yes, but that is not threading :-)  One gets one flat list of messages
under the first one, marked with New:.

| bug message for me in pine, though not as replies to each other,
| instead as replies to the New bug message.


| Bugzilla doesn't store the list of messages ids it hsa sent out for a
| bug,

that is part of the problem. 

| and even if we did, we don't know what they are replies to,

When a message comes to bugzilla, it has a list of message ids.  Let
it pass through.  MUAs attach the message ids and "know" which is reply
to which.

| so
| how could we possibly generate references headers and in-reply-to that
| "thread" as you like?

Well, this is not the first technology to deal with message archives ;-)

When it sends the first message in a thread -- the one with the New:
in its Subject: -- it knows it started a thread.  
When someones replies to that message, assuming a MUA in non-Kenner
mode, since you're already labbelling  comments with #, you know
what message id list it has; you can preserve that message id list
in the message generated by bugzilla. 

| I mean, i could store such a list, but right now, it's only one
| message id per bug.
| Even if we changed that, there is no way to make in-reply-to correct
| without knowing which are replies and which aren't.

but currently, bugzilla does generate "in reply to comment" or
"additional comments from"; so it seems to have an embryonic
intelligence to decide which are replies.

| So what exactly  are you looking for it to do?

This can be done in stages.  First, observe that not all replies come
from bugzilla; some comes from usual MUAs; those  generate
message-ids; a good start is that bugzilla does not strip out those

Second, have bugzilla retrieve the message id lists associated with
comment ### and add it back to the header.

-- Gaby

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