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Re: Viewing patches in bugzilla just got easier and nicer

Daniel Berlin <> writes:

| On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > Daniel Berlin <> writes:
| >
| > | The patch reader software has now been installed.
| >
| > Any chance to have bugzilla threads messages correctly, as already
| > requested in the past?
| This isn't possible without saving a lot more information to the
| database than we do now, which is nothing (if you look at the msgids,
| you'll see they follow a certain scheme, which is how it generates the
| references and in-reply-to headers)
| In particular, we'd have to guess at which comment you were replying
| to, etc.

well, I'm lost as to where you're driving at.

The flat "in reply to comment ####" is also difficult to follow.

Another useful thing about having the references in the message
headers is that they can be displayed nicely., independent of wheter
you're oneline clicking on mozilla or offline reading messages with
regular mail agents .

Why can't bugzilla store the references in the message headers?

-- Gaby

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