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Re: Thoughts about semantics of BB_VISITED


> On Friday 07 January 2005 21:44, Zdenek Dvorak wrote:
> > what about "dfs_enumerate_from does not work unless the marks are clear"
> > is not clear?  Either you call dfs_enumerate_from in situation where
> > all marks are clear, and then it does not change anything.
> What you are basically saying is that no pass should ever use
> I would have no problems with that, the uses of BB_VISITED that
> are in mainline (tree-ssa-pre.c, regrename.c, sched-rgn.c) are
> easily replaced with an sbitmap, and in fact that is probably
> even faster than using the flag because you need the extra pass
> over all basic blocks to clean BB_VISITED again.
> On the other hand, even if it is clear that "dfs_enumerate_from
> not work unless the marks are clear", that does not make it
> right for that function to set and clear that flag if BB_VISITED
> is supposed to be available to passes.
> > Or you call 
> > it when some of the marks are set, and then you have created a bug in
> > gcc.
> If there is a bug in gcc, then it is there because *you* have
> taken an existing BB flag and turned it into one that is basically
> private to, without documenting that.

please check Changelog before stating accusations like this.  I
*created* BB_VISITED specially for purpose of *dfs_enumerate_from*.
I made mistake of not documenting that it should be kept cleared
and used only inside utility functions, however, and someone
missunderstood its meaning and started using it inside optimization


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