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Re: c++ stub generator

Nick Ing-Simmons <> writes:
>Ivan Rachev <> writes:
>>I would like to try building a c++ stub generator which to be added to 
>> Input to the generator would be a header 
>>with declarations and output would be a cpp file with empty definitions.
>>My primary concern is if I could use some parts of gcc c++ compiler to do 
>>this. Probably the lexical analyser, the preprocessor and the structures for 
>>trees. Any link or comment on how these are implemented would be of great 
>>help. Something different from 
>> would be better as 
>>the doc on this link says it is "no where near complete".
>I would like something very similar - i.e. a tool which reads .h files 
>and produces perl bindings for the public interfaces to class(es).
>This needs same kind of information, and indeed if Ivan's tool
>existed I could probably post-process it to do what I want.

Seems like I can do what I want using -fdump-translation-unit-all
and then reading the .tu file to rebuild perl version of tree
and then traverse as I see fit.

There are one or two oddities in the file that I haven't figured out 
yet but looks promissing. Same technique should work for stub generator.

Oddities are that public/private-ness of base classes seems to get lost
and const-ness (qual:c) is confusing me.

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