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ANN: Linux Function Reordering Tool v0.1b

Hi everyone,

We're releasing into the public a new tool for reordering functions in
Linux libraries and executables.  Here is a blurb from the
introduction posted on the website:


The software that was built for this project will ultimately be used
in improving the performance of Linux applications that depend on
shared libraries. By profiling the program and analyzing the behavior
of function calls throughout its lifetime, the tool will provide a way
to rebuild the applications and libraries such that highly-dependent
functions are placed near to each other in memory. This should
decrease the amount of time spent swapping data from disk to memory
and reduce the frequency of misses in the translation lookaside buffer


Currently, the tool exists as a small shell/Perl script which gathers
information from existing profiling tools (Valgrind/Callgrind) and
outputs a new ordering in a GNU ld linker script.  This is a very
early release and is not intended for production use yet.  It works
only on x86.

Please feel free to peruse the site.  We appreciate any help you all
would care to offer.


Brandan, Alex, and Will

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