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Re: [i386] Why g++ _always_ link an executable with

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 11:30:05PM +0100, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> Denis Zaitsev <> writes:
> | 
> |   a) why g++ assumes that libstdc++ is always needed?
> Because that is the way it is designed.  If you don't want libstdc++,
> say -nostdlib as explained in our documentation.

This doesn't work out of the box...  But yes, it can be a solution,

> |   b) why is libm _always_ needed by libstdc++?
> Because libstdc++ needs the mathematical functions.
> |  It's rather strange.
> I guess it is a matter of perspective.  From my part, requiring users
> to explicitly supply -lm is a bug.  Simply because the mathematical
> functions are part of the standard library; we do not require users to
> say -lstr when they use strcpy() and friend; we do not require users
> to say -lstdio when they use fprintf() and friends.  YMMV.

Ok, but do we force users to use libm every time libc is used?  No, we
don't.  Of course, we don't.  And I emphasised the word 'always':
not _every_ routine from libstdc++ need libm, but it always

Anyway, could anybody say, where in sources these NEEDED libraries
come from?  If I was going to patch this just for my installations...

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