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Re: [C++] warn_synth considered obsolete

On 2005-01-04, at 22:41, Mark Mitchell wrote:

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

Out of curiosity, how many such options do we have around,
i.e. options silently accepted but doing nothing?

I'm not sure.

The stated reason we do that is to avoid breaking Makefiles and such. For an option that actually affected semantics that would be a bad idea (in that now the user would expect to get semantics that they no longer get), but for options that do not affect semantics it's a way of making upgrades less painful. If it were up to me, I might just remove the option, but leaving it around is the established protocol, for the reasons given above.

Recompiling for example even slightly old versions of Qt or some other non-trivial
C++ application from source, after even minor C++ update releases, results regularly
in the need of tweaking at the source code level. This isn't bad, since experience
shows that most of the changes are in fact fixes for things which newer C++ versions
improved on. Stricter parsing, failed extensions to an already exhaustive
language removed an so on. In view of this some Makefile adjustments are just a non
issue. Just let it go. Keeping them is no real favor to the world.

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