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What is the most suitable way to exclude test cases for specific targets


after scanning the archive of the gcc ML, I have stepped over the statement, that explicit use of 
expect scripts, e.g. the use of .x files, is deprecated. For this reason:

"If not using .x files, what is the most appropriate method for skipping test cases completely 
for selected targets ?"

My present aim is to get the test suite functional for the avr platform. Currently the real compiler
bugs are masked out by the huge number of unsupported test cases that show up
as failures. (I'd first like to concentrate on the tests for c and proceed with the g++ tests later on.)

I have had a look at the test case sources so far in order to find templates for dg magic comments.
Unfortunately, I did not find anything suitable so far. There exists thread suggesting to use "dg-skip-if". 
The method described there, however, seemed not to work.




After searching the mailing list archive and the Web, I did not find any place containing information 
on what kind of magic comment is known by the test suite framework. Is there anything like a 
docmentation? Everything would be helpful, even if the doc is not complete or partially wrong.

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