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--with-libiconv-prefix messes up libjava

-fabi-version doing nothing?

Re: -fdump-translation-unit considered harmful

Re: -fdump-translation-unit considered harmful (was Re: cp tree question)

-fdump-translation-unit considered harmful (was Re: cp treequestion)


.bss section and uninitialised variables

3.4.3 problem with fix for PR/17384

[ada] can't build g-awk.adb in gcc cvs trunk 20041212 on sparc-linux: GCC error: in expand_expr_addr_expr_1, at expr.c:6047, Error detected at g-awk.adb:1316:24

Re: [arm-gnu] how to add new command line option for arm gcc

[autovect][PATCH]: Re: Simple loops not interchanged?

Re: [Bug debug/19124] [4.0 regression] gcc generates incorrectdwarf2 debug info

[BUG] GCC 3.4-20041224: __attribute__ ((regparm)) misbehaviour

[BUG] GCC 3.4.3/x86: -fomit-frame-pointer cause a lot of test failures for libstdc++

Re: [discuss] x86-64 abi, regarding vector types

Re: [ECOS] arm-elf-g++ ver3.2.1 problem

[Fwd: Re: gimplify_parameters]

[Fwd: Re: Merge cc1, cc1plus, etc?]

[Fwd: Re: Popping Registers]

Re: [gpc] GCC integration?

[gpc] Re: GCC integration?

[OT] RE: Unomitted frame pointers

Re: [PATCH] Document target_fold_builtin

[PATCH] GCC 3.4.3: libobjc build failure

Re: [PATCH] PR18002: Undo fold_single_bit_test in do_jump

[RFC] avoiding too narrow register classes in reload

Re: [rfc] towards a defined abi for libgfortran

[scev] Re: Strange IV choices?

[tree-profiling] Bootstrap failure

[wwwdocs] CVS annotate brings me to GNATS

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: GCC 4.0 Status Report (2004-12-21)

[wwwdocs] Re: More OLD PROBLEMS problems

__APPLE_CC__ defined on head of mainline

About #sccs

ACATS PR status update 20041203

anononymous cvs problems at g.g.o and s.r.c

arm-elf-g++ ver3.2.1 problem

assign_parm_setup_block handling of parallels

AVR testing [was Re: Revised release criteria for GCC 4.0]

AVR testing [was: Re: Revised release criteria for GCC 4.0]

bad include search order in top level configure.in

Blocked email to freetalk2@mail.welltech.com.tw

Bootstrap broken on x86_64-linux-gnu

Bootstrap failure due to your latest change

Bootstrap Failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

broken build on powerpc64-linux-gnu


Bug in int_fits_type_p


Building gcc compiler

Building GCC crosscompiler for powerpc platform !!

C++ ABI and ILP64

C++ compiler

C++ constructor bug? (and what are the semantics of a RANGE_EXPR?)

Can't build gcc cvs trunk 20041201 on sparc64-linux: libstdc++ configure chokes: Link tests are not allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES.

Re: Can't build gcc cvs trunk 20041202 on sparc64-linux: libstdc++ configure chokes: Link tests are not allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES.

clarification on use of --enable-threads

comment error

Compilation broken?

Compilation performance comparison of GCC 3.4.2 and GCC 4.0.0 (041228)on MICO sources

Compiler uses a lot of memory for large initialized arrays

Compiling for FreeBSD

Compiling gnat with a different gcc

cp tree question

Cross build of libgfortran

crosscompiling gcc 3.4.3 from x86/linux to ppc604/vxworks5.4

Crossgcc FAQ. In perpetual maintenance.

CTI_MAX multiply defined?

CVS Head: libada build fails

Danny Smith to become maintainer of our Windows ports

Data dependence dumps

Debugging a port

Denied post to the www mailing list

Different multiply operator for pointers and integers

discouraging register use

discussion of ObjC test results on Darwin(/x86) (lengthy)

DR#236 analysis

Dubious "'foo' might be used uninitialized in this function" message

Re: Dubious "'foo' might be used uninitialized in this function"message

Emmanuelle EG GUITTON FRAGNAUD/CCIB est absent(e).

Enable dynamic for cross to sparc-sun-solaris2.8

ENUM_BITFIELD and -fshort-enums

Extra from email addresses and incoming bugzilla handling


Re: fix c/18282, for 4.0

Fix longstanding bugzilla anoyance

fold bug with multiply and cast and conditional

FP compares and TARGET_SSE_MATH

FSF mainline bootstrap failure on apple-ppc-darwin

G++ enums 'underlying type'

g++ optimization issue??

gcc -m64 for Solaris10 x86

GCC 3.4 branch bootstrap failure on x86-64/Linux

Re: gcc 3.4.1 and CPU optimization

Gcc 3.4.2 -> 3.4.3 change of behaviour; Bug or broken code?

gcc 3.4.3 - libstdc++ - vxworks5.4

GCC 3.4.3 and fiend decleration.

GCC 3.4.3 successfully build

gcc 3.4.3 x86_64 built on Fedora Core 2 ????

gcc 4.0 branch?

gcc 4.0 front-end infrastructure for C dialects - plans?

Re: gcc 4.0 generates location list without DW_AT_frame_base

gcc 4.0 libgcc_eh static linking

GCC 4.0 Status Report (2004-12-21)

gcc command-line option parsing doc

Gcc complex division (default) algorithm

gcc cross mips output sizes, 2.95.3 vs 3.3.3

Gcc mirrors checking

Re: Gcc mirros check

GCC not (optimally) exploiting restrict pointers?

Re: gcc pragma pack on hpux

gcc-3.3-20041201 is now available

gcc-3.3-20041208 is now available

gcc-3.3-20041215 is now available

gcc-3.3-20041222 is now available

gcc-3.3-20041229 is now available


gcc-3.4-20041203 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041210 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041217 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041224 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041231 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041205 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041212 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041219 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041226 is now available

gcc/g++ 4.0.0, 20041205 snapshot, bug #18073 still present


GDB 6.3 assumes that DW_AT_frame_base exists

Gdb complaints Incomplete CFI data; unspecified registers

Gdb generates DW_OP_fbreg in location list without DW_AT_frame_base

Gdb generates location list without DW_AT_frame_base

genrecog: match_code "bug"?


gnatmem & libaddr2line.a

Good news about increased jump threading from my PHI merge patch

Re: Good news about increased jump threading from my PHI mergepatch

GTY and const

Guidance on address expression optimization in CSE

Hacker guide?

Heap allocation on Linux

Help regarding the Site containing the .Exe of G++ 3.4.2 version

Help with "unable to generate reloads for..." error?

Help with constraint for single register

Re: Help with constraint for single register0

Help with define_insn and constraints

Help with new port: infinite looping in reload

Hey, ya! =))

How to disable gcov build when crosscompiling gcc

How to enable instruction scheduling?

RE: how to fix Heisenbug

How to generate the LIBGCC.A for mc68000

How to mark a single set as not frame related?

How to use '-finstrument-functions' in C++ programs ?

How to use __thread

How tosolve" error: thread-local storage not supported for this target "

i?86-pc-windows agian?

IA-64 and const

Incorrect DFA scheduling of output dependency.

Re: INT_MIN % -1

intermediate files

intermittent gcc bug with /usr/ccs/bin/as

Is this a gcc, gdb or readelf bug?

The Linux binutils is released

List of regressions that are assigned and not have moved

LLVM 1.4 Released!

Re: A lot of gfortran failures on sparc-linux and sparc64-linux...

Mainline bootstrap failure in toplev.c

make bootstrap successful on i386-pc-solaris2.10

make check problems on multilib systems in libstdc++

Making strings of arbitrary character types

may be a typo somewhere in the gcc4 build files?

Re: mem model defines for various platforms

memcpy / Language Lawyer / optimization question

Mention addition of TR1 to C++ for GCC-4.0.0

Merge cc1, cc1plus, etc?


Migration-to-gcc-3.4 guides?

Mirror request

Missing DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name specifier for constructor debug info

Modifing Gcc

More OLD PROBLEMS problems

Multilib test problems with libgcc_s in gfortran, libstdc++ tests

Multiple (serialized) messages in Objective-C

multiple problems with SSE / cmpunordps, QNaNs and -ffast-math

Multithreading problems

re: Multithreading problems [on AIX with gcc-2.9-aix51-020209]

Mysterious C++

native gcc for vxworks

RE: Need Help Building gcc on tru64 v5.1b

New and undocumented target hooks (cf. PR3386, a regression)

New Fortran / Libfortran maintainer proposed.

New Makefile targets?

New option?

New target for Coldfire v4e?

NTU can not connect your web server!

Re: objc data structure design

Re: Optimising std::find on x86 and PPC

Paradoxical subregs and !INSN_SCHEDULING. Why?

Partial aggregate initialization warning proposal

patch for PR/17684

PATCH: Ignore --disable-static in libiberty

performing updates from gcc cvs and building

Please Help Me with Dev-C++

Please,help with Ada compiler

Popping registers

Porting GCC 3.X to BSD/OS 4.3.X

PR 16373: -fomit-frame-pointer when optimizing on x86

PR 18501. Before I mark it WONTFIX.

Re: PR19038 causes regression of 3.9% in SPEC int

PR19039 causes regression of 3.9% in SPEC int

The problem compiling s-fileio.adb


problem on x86_64 while Building runtime libraries

problem with iv-opts and valid gimple

problem with templates and iterators

Problems with vector definition

Q about REGNO_OK_FOR_BASE_P et al

query reg. gcc

Real or personal property protected

Regression in 4.0 (sort of)

Regression: bootstrap failure of gcc-4.0-20041212 on OpenDarwin 7.2.1/x86 (i686-apple-darwin7.2.1)

Reminder: delete_trivially_dead insns regression

Request for bugmasters

Request for documentation: Do "define_instruction_and_split" patterns apply also in the combiner pass?

Revised release criteria for GCC 4.0

Revision to 4.0 release critieria: add arm-none-elf

RFA: how to fix Heisenbug

RFC (proposed fix for PR18916)

RFC: __attribute__ ((forced_stack_boundary))

RFC: Rename --enable-intermodule

RFC: Replace -isysroot with --sysroot?

RTL alias annotation

rtl semantics

Scheduling complete loop unrolling early and unconditional?

search for a patch which can defend stack smash

SEGV building qt-3.3.3 with GCC 3.4.3 on RH 7.1/RHEL 2.1

Serious performance regression -- some tree optimizer questions

Re: Serious performance regression -- some tree optimizerquestions

Simple loops not interchanged?

Size of basic types

SMS improvements branch

sparc/sparc.c:502: error: initializer element is not constant

SPE scalar float instructions

SSA annotations memory use.

A Stale Lock?

Static nested functions

Still seeing ivopts problem

A strange behavior of apple-ppc-branch on darwin7.3.0

Strange IV choices?

successfully built and installed GCC with Debian 3.1

Suggestion for improving C++ parser memory usage

Re: tree-ssa: a weird (mis)optimization

tree_list not supported by dump_type (Historical Question)

type gimplification, continued

Undocumented option

Unomitted frame pointers

Unreachable code in reload.c

Unrolling/peeling of constant rolling loops

VxWorks specs vs fixincl, machname.h and machine_name_test

Warning for different pointer signedness


what are the "primary targets" for GCC?

What happen if... (related GPL & src)

Re: Why isn't ``-milp32'' accepted on ia64-linux?

Why isn't ``-milp32'' accepted?

A workaround for PR 19038

Wrong RTL instruction deleted

wrong-code regressions review

x86-64 abi, regarding vector types

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