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Re: Unomitted frame pointers

Ranjit Mathew wrote:

My book "Microprocessors: A Programmers View", with Matthew Smosna, would

That book was really very good and taught me a lot - thank you!

Thank you for the nice note

I really wish it hadn't gone out of print and that you guys update it for newer microprocessors! ~sigh~

OK, fair enough, request noted. One of the reasons this did not get updated was that Matthew Smosna, my coauthor, died of a stroke a couple of years after the book came out. He was in his mid forties, so this was really tragic and unexpected.

I still would very much like to get around to producing a new
edition. Now that I have retired from teaching (to concentrate
more on my company, and anyway, 36 years of teaching is enough),
perhaps I will find time to do it :-)

It's actually quite interesting to read that (now 13 year old)
book today. A lot is still exactly right, but somethings are
spectacularly wrong (e.g. the speculation that perhaps we would
be able to get CMOS working up to 100 Megahertz, but that likely
other technologies would be required for higher speeds :-) :-)

Robert Dewar

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